Jakarta selatan, DKI JAKARTA
Jamu-Jamu was created by Denise Chen and Claudia Ong, brought together for their love of Indonesia and its special beverage, Jamu. While Denise learned about Jamu on her travels, Claudia has a closer and more personal story with this traditional beverage. Claudia’s family is rich with Jamu History for she is the great granddaughter of Nyonya Meneer, whose brand of Jamu has become one of Indonesia’s most celebrated products. Denise and Claudia are excited to bring you their modern take on this ancient medicinal tonic, launching in the two urban hubs of Jakarta and Hong Kong. Sourcing their ingredients from Central Java, Jamu-Jamu is freshly made in both cities with no preservatives, bringing an authentic Jamu experience right to your doorstep.

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