Kimu Farm
Kimu Farm
Jakarta selatan, DKI JAKARTA
Kimu means 'Sprouts' and as our philosophy, our farmers stay small and get our hands dirty to get you nutrients daily. Located in Cisarua, Puncak, Kimu Farm is a family-owned fresh vegetables farm focusing on distinct varieties of vegetables. Organically grown by our farmers, led by a trained nutritionist Kathy Tanujaya, Kimu Farm is proud of its selection of vegetables, extending from a widely-known super veggie Kale to our juicy tomatoes and our crunchy Brocollini. Our hands-on approach to farming also provides us the opportunity to grow the wide varieties of our veggies and to invest in our soil where most of our veggies get their nutrients. Enjoy the best source of nutrients for your body from Kimu Farm!
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