La Fonte
La Fonte
Kota jakarta pusat, DKI Jakarta
La Fonte Regular Pasta
A range of dry pasta comprising Long Pasta and Short Pasta. La Fonte Regular Pasta takes on two sizes, 250g and 500g:

Long Pasta comprises La Fonte’s long-cut pasta products such as spaghetti, long macaroni and fettuccine. Although spaghetti makes up the most popular product in this category, other pasta types are just as delicious to be enjoyed with all sorts of sauces and seasoning.

Short Pasta takes on La Fonte’s short-cut pasta products divided into six variants: gobbetti (macaroni), spiral macaroni, elbow macaroni (chifferi rigati), shell macaroni (cocciolini), fusilli and penne (ziti rigate). The pasta’s diverse shapes will surely spice things up when served with various cuisines.
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