Sensatia Botanicals

Sensatia Botanicals

Menteng, Menteng
Start from 2000, Sensatia Botanicals has established a commitment to create and deliver body treatment product made with natural ingredients without any dangerous chemicals. We want every single person can gain their beauty naturally with Sensatia Botanicals. Like a mother, we treat and protect every part of your body with high-quality product that you may love. Don't be an ordinary, be an extraordinary with Sensatia Botanicals.

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Top Serum & Perawatan Wajah

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Top Pelembab & Tabir Surya Wajah

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Top Pembersih Wajah & Scrub

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Top Pelembab & Tabir Surya Tubuh

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Top Lulur & Body Scrub

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Top Body & Massage Oils

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Top Perawatan Tangan, Kaki & Kuku

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Top Bath & Shower Kit

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Top Hair Mask, Serum & Repair

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