Acaii Pack of 4 Coconut Party (4 x 500 ml)
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4 x 500 ml
Acaii Pack of 4 Coconut Party (4 x 500 ml)

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Hanya dapat dikirimkan ke wilayah DKI JAKARTA.

Dikirim oleh Acaii Herbal Tea Co. (Kota Jakarta Selatan)

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Our best seller juice! Coconut Party is made from fresh young coconuts that are rich in MCTs. MCTs are medium-chain fatty acids famed for supporting efficient metabolism, providing your body with easy-to-burn energy, and ample nutrition to the brain. These good fats are suitable for paleo and ketogenic diet. Coconut Party can also be used for meal replacement. Coconut juice and flesh are considered one of the most nutritious food on earth and very similar to the structure of mother’s milk (Asi). Simply replace one of your meals with Coconut Party to lose weight healthily.
Keterangan Produk

Ingredients: Coconut Juice, Cold-pressed Young Coconut, Chia Seeds.

Tentang Pembuat
Acaii Tea Co.
Kota jakarta selatan, DKI Jakarta
Acaii produces homemade elixir, herbal tea, and juice. We use only the freshest ingredients, 100% no preservatives, flavoring, o...

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