Akar Drink Rehydration Package
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4 x 280 ml
Akar Drink Rehydration Package

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Catatan Dari Pembuat
To fill you with more ion after workout or activity, Akar Drink Rehydration Package is an awesome solution for you to enjoy. This package consists of 2 Cooling Alang and 2 Nusa Lime. This package will rehydrate and refresh your body as well as boost your immune system. Bring the best taste for your body and health with Akar Drink Rehydration Package!
Keterangan Produk

This package consists:

  • Cooling Alang: Cogon Grass Root, Aloe Vera, Pandan Leaves, Pure Honey 
  • Nusa Lime: Lime, Ginger, Pure Honey

Tentang Pembuat
Akar Drink
Jakarta utara, DKI JAKARTA
Akar Drink is conceived when passion meets innovation. We are passionate about improving human’s health, nature, and culture le...

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