Fresha Original Oat Milk Pack of 3
3 x 250 ml
Fresha Original Oat Milk Pack of 3

Tanggal Pengiriman
Rp 130.000 100.000

Dikirim oleh Fresha Juicery (Jakarta Timur)

Catatan Dari Pembuat
You may have heard about oatmeal, how about oat milk? It could be an innovation that Fresha brings to you, Fresha Original Oat Milk! With high quality of Australian Rolled Oats, we produce perfect taste of milk for you to enjoy everyday. We also add dates, sugar, and sea salt in our special ingredients to enrich the taste buds you may not forget. Oat milk would generate a feeling of fullness and stop your cravings during late nights. And, hey, it's a vegan and gluten free milk. Don't stop now and start to enjoy the best milk ever Fresha Original Oat Milk!
Keterangan Produk

Ingredients: Australian rolled oat, dates, sugar, sea salt

Nutrition Facts:

Calorie: 80

Tentang Pembuat
Rawamangun, Pulo gadung
Fresha Juicery is created to bring delicious and nutritious drinks and meals to everyone. We only use high-quality ingredients pro...

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