Kimu Farm Broccoli Organik
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Kimu Farm Broccoli Organik

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Kimu Farm Broccoli is quite popular vegetable having a wide variety of nutritional and medicinal benefits, including its ability to prevent many types of cancer, improve our digestive system, lower cholesterol, detoxify the body, maximize vitamin and mineral uptake, prevent allergic reactions, boost the immune system, protect the skin, prevent birth defects, lower blood pressure, eliminate inflammation, and improve vision and ocular health. With curly leaves and hard stem, it will leave you into great crunchiness and enjoyment while it works to keep you healthy. Enjoy the best you can get from Kimu Farm Broccoli!
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Ingredients: 100% Fresh Broccoli

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Kimu Farm
Selong, Kebayoran baru
Kimu means 'Sprouts' and as our philosophy, our farmers stay small and get our hands dirty to get you nutrients daily. Located i...

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