Kimu Farm Selada Hijau Keriting Organik
250 gr
Kimu Farm Selada Hijau Keriting Organik

Tanggal Pengiriman
Rp 15.000 10.000

Dikirim oleh Kimu Farm (Jakarta Selatan)

Catatan Dari Pembuat
Now, we offer you the best freshness ever from Kimu Farm Green Curly Lettuce planted in fertile ground without any pesticide and herbicide. It's crunchy and fresh to increase you and your family appetite to eat. Best coupled with sambal as Lalapan or you can mix it into your salad. Get yours now while it lasts!
Keterangan Produk
Ingredients: 100% Fresh Vegetable
Tentang Pembuat
Kimu Farm
Selong, Kebayoran baru
Kimu means 'Sprouts' and as our philosophy, our farmers stay small and get our hands dirty to get you nutrients daily. Located i...

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