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The Best Natural and Safe Mosquito Spray in Town!
Andrea Wijaya on 24 Agustus 2018

This is one of the best anti-mosquito spray in town. I like that it is made with NATURAL ingredients and you don't have to worry about harsh chemicals seeping into your skin. I really like the smell, it reminds me of a yoga center, it smells a bit like citrus and lemongrass. I carry this with me and spray it after a few hours. It usually last around 2 hours before having to reapply. I spray this in the car, in rooms where this mosquitos and on my clothes. So far the spray has not damaged any of my clothes or skin... It's very safe. I also think this is great for kids and people who often get bitten. This is probably one of the best choices if you want a safe anti-mosquito product for your family.