Naked Press 3 Days Detox Program (More Greens, Less Fruits)
24 x 330 ml
Naked Press 3 Days Detox Program (More Greens, Less Fruits)

Rp 1.000.000 950.000
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Tanggal Pengiriman

Hanya dapat dikirimkan ke wilayah DKI Jakarta.

Dikirim oleh Naked Press (Jakarta Barat)

Catatan Dari Pembuat
Designed by our native New Yorker registered dietician and certified nutritionist, John Baglioni, we have taken your average juice into a new level by featuring the tastiest and most nutrient-dense live juices. Deeply regenerating and alkalizing, Naked Press Detox Program maximizes your fresh raw food intake, gives your digestive system a well deserved rest and increases your energy levels while boosting your immune system. Refresh and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul by embracing your cleanse journey today!
Keterangan Produk
More Greens, Less Fruits detox program consists of:
  • Pure green: Kale, romaine, horenzo, cucumber, celery, parsley
  • Skinny dip: Lemon, apple, cayenne pepper
  • Summer passion: Apple, carrot, beetroot
  • Green grenade: Horenzo, cucumber, kale, celery, romaine, parsley, apple
  • Red earth: Beetroot, mint
  • Skinny dip: Lemon, apple, cayenne pepper
  • Sweet green: Apple, kale, horenzo, lemon
  • Jade: Cashew, dates, vanilla, Himalayan sea salt, pandan, horenzo
This detox package will be delivered to you at the date you picked during check out. Please start your detox program 1 (one) day after you received the detox package.
Tentang Pembuat
Naked Press
Grogol utara, Kebayoran lama
We are passionate about promoting the healthy living. That is why we ensure our pressed juices and nut milk only used the best ing...

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