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Nature's Energy Carob Powder
100 gr
Nature's Energy Carob Powder

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Catatan Dari Pembuat
Carob or most people know it as Algarrobo/Mesquite is a vegetable from the Mediterranean area. It also has a greek name of Ceratonia Siliqua. Carob is known as an alternative for chocolate, and are preferred by those who has allergy to chocolate. Carob also functions as an antidote for diarrhea and mild cough. In Greek and Egypt civilazations, Carob is also used as a food source for any season because it can endure both winter or summer.
Keterangan Produk
Ingredients: 100% Carob extract powder

Benefit of consuming Carob for health:
  • It contains balanced amino acid that's important for muscle and collagen building. 
  • It contains Quercetin and Apigenin, types of flavanoid that are useful for enhancing the function and performance of brain.
  • Taste and colored just like chocolate but doesn't contain caffeine.
  • Calcium rich that's important for keeping the health of bones and teeth.
  • Carob also functions as a natural sweetener substituting sugar.

How to consume:
Mix this powder with your favorite drink like juice, coffee or milk.

PLEASE NOTE that this product have not obtained BPOM license yet.

Tentang Pembuat
Meruya utara (ilir), Kembangan
Nature's Energy is one of the brands of PT Aaron Muir Indonesia engaged in the healthy food and as the first brand to introduce Ch...

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