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Neo Oliva Organic Chia Seeds 250 gr
250 gr
Neo Oliva Organic Chia Seeds 250 gr

Rp 120.000 108.000
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Gratis ongkir s/d Rp 20.000 dengan min.order Rp 150.000 ke seluruh Indonesia untuk produk berlogo Dikirim Lemonilo!

Catatan Dari Pembuat

Neo Oliva Organic Chia Seeds is a product using Organic Mexican Chia Seeds as the best ingredients to serve your healthy lifestyle.  Each Neo Oliva Organic Chia Seeds you get has been through every step of hygienic and appropriate standardization process according to BPOM (Indonesian Food and Drug Administration). This process ensures that every benefit of organic chia seeds can maximize your healthiness and fitness. Chia Seeds is full of benefit for your body, such as calcium, omega 3, dietary fiber, magnesium, iron, and other benefits for your body. Pour to your oatmeal or blend with your healthy smoothies. Start your healthy lifestyle now with best advantages of Neo Oliva Organic Chia Seeds!
Keterangan Produk
Ingredients: 100% Mexican Organic Chia Seeds
Tentang Pembuat
Neo Oliva
Jakarta barat, DKI JAKARTA
Neo Oliva is a brand who commits to providing high-quality healthy food at affordable price. Our goal is to make high-quality heal...

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Pilihan yang cukup ekonomis, pengiriman cepat.

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the perfect addition to my morning smoothie

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Enak untuk campuran overnight oat

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