Organic Supply Calming Floral Tea 15gr
15 gr
Organic Supply Calming Floral Tea 15gr

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Dikirim oleh Organic Supply (Jakarta Barat)

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When you are bored of usual tea from tea leaves, Organic Supply Calming Floral Tea could the perfect choice for you. Made with chosen variants of flower, this tea wil give you calming and relaxing sensation releasing you from any pain or stress. Don't get confused how to use it because Organic Supply Calming Floral Tea can be use in many of your favorite activities, such as drinking, bathing, and facial steaming. Enjoy the perfect treatment for your body and soul with Organic Supply Calming Floral Tea!
Keterangan Produk

Ingredients: Dried Rose Petals*, Dried Lavender Buds*, Dried Chamomile Flower* Instructions: TEA: Infused calming floral tea in hot boiling water for several minutes and serve. BATH: Place calming floral tea inside a muslin ""tea"" bag and dip into warm running water. Essential oils can be added to enchange its benefit. Relax and enjoy the bath, at the end of the bath, it can be rubbed against the skin with the herbs still inside for gentle, nourishing exfoliation.FACIAL STEAM: Boil a pot of filtered water. Let cool slightly. Add calming floral tea (and essential oil if desired). Position face approximately 20 cm from water and drape a light towel or scarf over your head, creating a ""steam tent"". Close your eyes and breathe deeply; repeat in 1 minute intervals.

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Organic Supply Co.
Meruya utara (ilir), Kembangan
Organic Supply Co. was founded in 2015 as a response to a growing need of good quality aromatherapy ingredients with a reasonable ...

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