Sensatia Unrefined Sea Salt 250 gr
250 gr
Sensatia Unrefined Sea Salt 250 gr

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True salt in its pure form, for good health. Sensatia Botanicals Unrefined Organic Sea Salt is pure sea salt from Bali’s pristine, still-rugged east coast. Along these quiet white sand beaches, the sun-drenched sea water is channeled into canal systems (made of tree trunks) for evaporation. The sun and the wind evaporate the ocean water, leaving the mineral-rich brine. The sea salt is then gathered by hand and sun-dried a final time. This ancient, natural harvesting method preserves the minerals and vitality of this organic treasure. Pure, unrefined organic sea salt contains 84 elements necessary for good health. Common table “salt” only contains 2 elements, sodium & chlorine, & is detrimental to our health. All saltwater aquarium owners know that you could never create a life sustaining environment for your tropical fish using common table salt. It would be like replacing our blood with water. On the other hand, using real, natural, unprocessed organic evaporated seawater can increase health. Sea salt is an important additive to cooking that stimulates salivation and helps to replenish all of the body’s electrolytes. Start now making the change to a more natural, holistic method of living and caring for your body.
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Ingredients: 100% Pure Maris Sal (Sea Salt) 

Instructions: Put 50 - 100gr of salt into the bathtub. Then, you can treat your best skin by bathing your skin with salt water.

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